Legendary History

               It was from a legendary story of a Subano couple “SIAY” and “AYAN” who bravely fought their Muslim enemies who invaded the place long time ago. Because of their bravery, their fellow Subanen adored and respected them that anybody who wanted to know the name of the place, the ready answer was “SIAY-AYAN”. The short account of it is now SIAYAN.


Political History

                Siayan municipality acquired its juridical personality on January 23, 1967 by virtue of Republic Act 4989 creating the municipality after its dissolution in 1964. Same officials in 1964 were appointed in 1967 where Mayor Abundio B. Siasico Sr., the former mayor of mother town Sindangan, took the highest position. After the election in 1968, Mayor Abundio B. Siasico Sr. Emerged as the victor and continued to stay on post even after the numerous local elections. It was only after his natural death on April 18, 1985 that Vice Mayor Rudy S. Dominise took over.

                Vice Mayor Rudy S. Dominise served as mayor until the famous EDSA Revolution took place on February 1996. He was then replaced by Mayor Desiderio Romero who was appointed by the  DILG Secretary after the revolution.

                Mayor Desiderio served the people of Siayan from April 21, 1986 until he resigned from post on November 30, 1987 in preparation for the next local election scheduled on January 18 the following year. After Mayor Romero, two interim officials, as they were called, served as such. DILG Officer Amado Mainque took place the post for 15 days then followed by  Mayor Romero’s Vice, Mr. Alejandro Sarmiento until the time when the mayor elect assumed office on February 2, 1988.

                The son of the first appointed mayor of Siayan, Hon. Wilfredo A. Siasico won overwhelmingly thereby bringing him to take the rein of responsibilities. He was re-elected during the synchronized National and Local Elections on May 11, 1992. He was again re-elected on May 8, 1995 Election, gaining a big margin of votes over challenging candidates.